Safe Work Australia has now released specific industry information and safety protocols to assist businesses in re-opening and returning employees to work as the economy starts to re-open.

Businesses can now access specific information for some 23 industries which can be accessed here. Employers should ensure they access and apply the information relevant to their industry.

The information covers physical distancing for employees and customers, including when travelling to and from and for work as well as during lunch breaks, the use of personal protective equipment, emergency planning, health and illness monitoring, working from home and training arrangements, as well as cleaning standards and hygiene.

It is expected that some businesses will need to reconfigure their workplaces and for employees to change their daily work habits and practices to factor in these new rules and requirements, to assist in minimising the risks of COVID-19 and create COVID-19 safe workplaces.

The 23 industries that specific information has been released for include:

This information has been released by Safe Work Australia as part of the Federal Government's plan to to re-open a 'virus-safe' economy.