Modern Awards - Changes employers need to know about

The Fair Work Commission has been reviewing Modern Awards for some time, as part of the 4 yearly review.

As a result, changes to a number of Modern Awards will now be implemented, over three tranches. The first tranche of Modern Awards to change will apply from the first full pay period on or after Tuesday, 4 February 2020. To see if the Modern Awards covering your business and employees are impacted, and to access the new versions of Modern Awards, check the Fair Work Ombudsman website here.

Modern Awards that will be impacted in the first tranche include the Banking, Finance and Insurance Award and the Legal Services Award. The main changes will be to the language and layout.

Employers should note that they must make a copy of the relevant Modern Awards operating in your business available to your employees on staff noticeboards or through accessible electronic means. This includes these updated versions.

Dates for changes to Modern Awards in the second and third tranches have yet to be set.

If you need advice or assistance on these changes, contact IR Legal Solutions